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They claim you can not evaluate a (Face) publication by its cover (photo).

While that sentiment may be true for literature, it likely will not for your Facebook organisation web page. That's right; prospective customers are evaluating your brand name based upon the picture you contend the top of your account.

Why would not they? Your cover picture sits right on top of the page, is substantially larger than your profile, as well as, did we state, it goes to the top of your web page?

You get it.

Your Facebook cover picture, typically described as your banner picture, is the most distinctive feature on your organization's Facebook web page. In fact, it covers virtually a quarter of the screen! When performed well, it can represent your brand name, reel in your customer, and also urge them to discover your website more. For those reasons, it's essential that you create and also submit your cover photo with these best techniques in mind.

Facebook Cover Maker Free Online

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On a desktop computer, the Facebook cover image shows at 820 pixels broad by 312 pixels tall

On mobile, the Facebook cover photo presents at 640 pixels vast by 312 pixels high

The image size that works bests for both of these forms is 820 pixels vast by 462 pixels tall

The minimum size to upload is 400 pixels high by 150 pixels wide

Facebook cover photo size:

Make A Facebook Cover

Comprehending Facebook cover photo size.

What exists to comprehend, you ask?

Your Facebook cover picture dimension is more than simply the length and width of your photo. It's the specifying factor in whether your audiences will continue to engage with your Facebook page or head somewhere else.

This is because, depending upon what platform your audience views your Facebook account, they'll see the picture differently.

When checked out from a desktop computer, your Facebook cover picture displays at 820 pixels broad by 312 pixels tall. When viewed from a mobile device, it will certainly show at 630 pixels broad by 312 pixels high.

Let me stress that these are 2 various shapes. When watched on a desktop, the picture shows up much bigger-- believe the shape of a billboard you 'd see while driving on the highway. On the other hand, the mobile display screen of your image will not cut so much off the top as well as base of the picture.

When selecting a picture, make sure you select a picture that will certainly be well-represented on both desktop and mobile. The photo dimension that works well for both shapes is 820 pixels broad by 462 pixels high.

If you don't have a photo that fits the precise size criteria, do not stress! We have a hack for you. Facebook features a "rearrange" tool that will certainly allow you post a picture taller than the recommended 462 pixels as well as move it up or down, relying on what you would certainly such as included. This can be a practical hint if you have a picture you're set on that doesn't fit the dimension limitations.

Additionally, it's interesting to note that Facebook now allows its cover photos to handle an entire immersive experience - Facebook 360 images, which are a sort of panoramic image alternative. Nevertheless, only personal accounts - not business pages - can take advantage of this.

Facebook cover image size on Desktop:

Make A Facebook Cover

Facebook cover picture dimension on mobile:

If you opt to include a cover photo with text on it, this dimension distinction is specifically crucial to consider. You'll need to place your text on the image to ensure that it does not get cut off when you switch over tools.

Make A Facebook Cover

Now that you have an understanding of the basics, we can dive into what really matters-- exactly how to ensure your cover image aids establish your brand name aside from your rivals.

Finest methods for Facebook cover images.

While recognizing the right size for your Facebook cover picture is very important, it's not the end-all-be-all. What actually matters is the content. Does it draw the target market in? Does it encourage a certain action?

The content is key. That's why we have actually assembled these nine finest practices to remember when you're selecting your Facebook cover photo.

1. Evaluate out a Facebook cover video clip.

In a current technology, Facebook offered businesses the ability to publish a cover video instead of a cover picture. This is not only an interesting chance, but a particularly excellent choice for brand names as well as marketing experts that may be more video-inclined.

You can post a video that fits Facebook's dimension specifications by saving the video documents at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high to your desktop. Then, you can post it in the same way you would add a new cover picture to your web page.

Nevertheless, you don't want to freak out. Whether you select a video or an image, keep in mind the most effective techniques listed below. If you do select a video clip, you'll wish to select one that is relatively easy. Take into consideration an alternative that shares a lot more regarding your organisation and also aids you inform a longer story, like a culture video clip featuring your workers or a film that explains your offering. Facebook will certainly support cover videos that are between 20-to-90 seconds long.

While you might be inclined to consume that whole time, remember this: the longer a customer is enjoying your video clip, the less time they're scrolling through the other blog posts and content that loads your page. Keep in mind that our interest spans are short lived. If your cover video clip is more than 60 seconds long, somebody may not finish watching it prior to they carry on to another task.

2. Represent your service.

Bear in mind when we claimed you could not judge a (Face) publication by its cover (image)? That's not precisely true when it involves social networks. I would certainly agree to wager that your cover image is the first thing ordering your target market's interest when they reach your web page.

Therefore, you ought to make certain that the photo you choose symbolizes your brand. Think about it this way-- if someone arrive at your Facebook web page as well as doesn't instantly know what organization it represents, you're doing it wrong.

Consider making use of a team image, your newest ad, or even a video clip that takes a much deeper study your firm's one-of-a-kind society, a current product launch, an award you've won, and extra!

If you're a smaller organisation without any of the above, you might think about utilizing a cost-free supply image that associates with your organisation version. If you do go this direction, consider discovering a stock picture that doesn't featured constraints on whether or not you can use any type of edits. Then, add your firm name, logo, or motto. Things about free supply pictures is that they're, well, complimentary, which means anyone can use them. Enhance the chances that your page customers do not see a repeat by customizing the image to fit your company.

For aid locating a supply image that will certainly represent your brand name, take a look at our listing of resources here.

3. Try to stay visual.

Okay-- this is a big one. It is a cover photo, remember?

Facebook made use of to have a guideline that claimed only 20 percent of your cover photo could be comprised of text. This was to maintain customers from getting overly marketing on their images and also ensure that Facebook preserved its important capability as a social media network.

While Facebook has considering that eliminated that guideline, we need to inform you to step cautiously. Using some message on your cover image can be a significant improvement, however you still do not desire it message heavy. In practically every circumstance, visuals are both extra useful and appealing.

If you do choose to utilize some message on your image, don't hit publish prior to you check the preview on both a smart phone and also a desktop. Since the cover photo displays differently on desktop as well as mobile, it's essential to guarantee that your customers can still read the text plainly, despite the method they use to see your page.

4. Follow Facebook's cover picture standards.

This just about goes without saying, yet we can't write a guide to Facebook cover images without it.

When publishing an image, make certain that it complies with Facebook's cover image guidelines. Keep in mind that your cover picture or video is public. That's right-- it can be checked out by any person, even if they come across your business page by mishap! The last thing you intend to do is have your web page get reported since you really did not maintain Facebook's standards in mind.

Your Facebook cover picture can not be misleading, misleading, or infringe on a copyright. If you produce your own picture, you ought to be in the clear for that last one. Nevertheless, if you are choosing to make use of a supply photo, researched the copyrights before you go online.

While you should check out all of Facebook's standards prior to starting your Facebook advertising approach, absolutely check out the cover photo-specific standards here.

5. Think about mobile users.

Did you recognize that more than 70 percent of Facebook's individual base accesses the social network from their mobile devices?

That's right! We can no longer overlook mobile users. If you do, you're missing out on a vital chance. Remember that on mobile, a much larger part of your cover photo is shut out. This is because both your profile image and your web page name are on top of the cover photo, instead of showing up next to it like on a desktop.

When picking a photo, be sure that it appears properly on both mobile and desktop computer versions of your account. Your mobile users will thank you.

6. Facebook cover photo dimension matters.

If you desire your cover image to supply intended results, it needs to be in line with the dimension standards we pointed out earlier. As a tip, that's 820 pixels large by 312 pixels high on a desktop computer, as well as 640 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on mobile.

This might seem like a minuscule detail, but creating and developing a distinct photo, only to have it warp or stretch when submitted due to the fact that it's not the right dimension, is a large wild-goose chase and sources. When you do not optimize your Facebook cover image for the one-of-a-kind size standards as well as post it anyhow, it will possibly negatively impact just how it looks. If the photo you pick to make use of is too tiny, it will stretch to fit, making it fuzzy. On the other hand, if it's also huge, it will certainly crop it to fit. This may function, but it likewise may indicate your visitors are missing out on a valuable piece of the picture (actually).

When you're developing a special cover image, you ought to keep the dimensions in the back of your mind from start-to-finish. This way, you'll end up with a Facebook-specific photo that draws your target market in naturally.

7. Ensure your cover image matches your brand standards.

I 'd want to wager your brand has a certain set of colors, fonts, pictures, and general attributes that are one-of-a-kind to its design standards. Many brands do! These standards make certain that the content produced is consistent across the board, no matter which department or professional it might come from.

Your social media profiles are an extension of your brand. While the profiles might not belong of your organization's internet site, it's still necessary that the web content they include abides by your brand name's guidelines. That suggests your cover image must include the same font and also color design as the remainder of your company's security.

Not only does this attach your Facebook web page back to your organization, however it additionally enhances brand acknowledgment and also reels in your current and also dedicated clients.

8. Right-align the things in your cover picture.

This sounds nit-picky, but I assure, it's well worth it!

By ideal lining up the focal point of your cover photo, whether it's an individual, message, your product, or extra, you're making your Facebook profile more balanced. Since the profile photo gets on the left, a right-aligned cover image is less complicated to consume for viewers.

Furthermore, by right-aligning your cover photo, you can draw extra focus to the call-to-action (CTA) switch that rests lower-right to the cover image. When the visitor's eye is normally reeled in that direction, they may be more probable to engage with the CTA and also finish a certain activity.

9. Adjustment your cover image based on different promos.

Your cover photo is possibly the first thing visitors see when they come down on your brand's Facebook web page. That indicates it uses an outstanding chance to display your different brand campaigns or advertising and marketing initiatives.

If there's a substantial sale coming up or you're releasing a brand-new variation of your most prominent product, think about creating an unique photo to set as your cover photo. You can additionally change your cover picture to stand for different times of the year (back to institution, summer season, and so on) or fit in with different holidays.

Not only will this make your cover photo much more appropriate to audiences, yet it will certainly ensure your cover picture stays fresh, as it will alter usually. Take into consideration screening our numerous cover photos as well as see if they lead to a boost in followers or engagement. You can additionally use the switch that sits below your cover photo to examine out different CTAs as well as evaluate the results.

Facebook cover photo blunders to stay clear of.

Naturally, we can't inform you Facebook cover picture ideal methods if we do not consist of some tips on what not to do. In this section, we'll highlight some typical errors marketing professionals make when selecting and publishing their Facebook cover images. Lucky for you, these are conveniently preventable!

Excessive text.

Just because Facebook eliminated the constraint on how much message you can include on your image does not mean you need to go nuts. When you have an amazing new promotion you're showing off in your cover picture, it's all-natural to intend to consist of every detail. Try to avoid doing so. Way too much text can be distracting. Your cover photo is simply that-- an image. Conserve the compelling text for where it matters: your Facebook updates and standings.

Not branding your image.

Your cover photo occupies nearly a quarter of the room on your Facebook account. That suggests when individuals concern your firm's page, they ought to quickly be able to identify your brand name based on your banner picture alone.

Refined branding will make a big distinction. Even if your picture does not explicitly state your brand name's name, using recognizable shades or patterns can be a small attribute that goes a long way with brand name fondness.

Not using your logo carefully.

Branding can make a huge distinction. That said, utilizing your logo for both your profile picture and also your cover picture is going way over the top. And also, since your account photo should always be your logo design, you'll need to explore various other choices when it comes to your banner photo.

If you intend to have a small logo in the edge of your cover picture, go for it. Your logo merely shouldn't be the only part of your cover photo.

Since you have a good understanding of what to do as well as what not to do let's have a look at some organizations that stand out when it involves selecting an appealing Facebook cover image.

Info Privacy.

Bear in mind that if you ever before feel as though you or your business's details is being endangered, the most effective strategy is to alter your Facebook password.

For help on figuring out exactly how to do so, head to our post on just how to change your Facebook password in a few simple actions.

Facebook cover photo examples.

When it concerns Facebook cover pictures, there are some social media sites marketing professionals that really simply get it. The following brands feature stellar Facebook cover images that attract you in and also make you intend to learn more.


As our first example, we'll have a look at LinkedIn, a social networking platform for specialists. There are a few stand apart elements of its cover image. The first of which is that the photo discreetly utilizes its logo design in a manner that moves with the rest of the image. Furthermore, the text, "in it to do what I love," appeals to the visitors' emotions.

Nevertheless, my preferred part of this photo is LinkedIn's brilliant positioning of the major topic: the man in the hat. When you consider him, your eyes naturally follow his legs downward-- ideal to the button that encourages viewers to utilize the LinkedIn app. If that isn't a well-done call-to-action, then I don't understand what is.


The movie streaming service decided to use a cover video clip as its Facebook banner. The flick is a teaser for the most current season of its initial program, "Orange is the New Black," which simply recently premiered. It's noticeable that the video was made especially for Netflix's Facebook cover photo, as it features the personalities of the program resting on a bus (that takes place to be the excellent size). Not only is this an outstanding instance of a cover video clip, yet it demonstrates how you can change your banner to feature a prompt project or marketing effort. I've included a screen capture below, but to see it live, look into Netflix's official Facebook web page below.

Make A Facebook Cover


Target is the excellent instance of a brand incorporating its widely known colors as well as patterns to produce an unique, and also entirely well-known, cover picture. If I showed you this picture as well as didn't inform you what brand it originated from, would certainly you still be able to presume correctly? I wager you would. That is specifically what we want.

Make A Facebook Cover

Your Facebook cover image is an expansion of your brand.

Now that you have an understanding of your Facebook cover picture size as well as best practices, it's time to take what you have actually learned and also put it right into activity! Keep in mind that your Facebook cover photo is an expansion of your brand name. It needs to be eye-catching, vibrant, as well as represent your company.