Not Receiving Email Notifications From Facebook

If you're having troubles with your Facebook alerts recently, i.e. getting updates and also groups from individuals you do not know, then you're not the only one-- lots of people started whining concerning it considering that last Sunday, June 19. Luckily, I've found an option to it. Information after the jump.

Not Receiving Email Notifications From Facebook

Facebook Notifications Problem

I was doing my typical early morning regimen last Sunday (June 19) when I found something odd about my Facebook account: I'm obtaining notices from people I do not recognize. A lot more especially, I'm getting 'likes' and also comments from condition updates and also web links that I didn't upload, and updates from teams I did not sign up with.

The Solution

This got me to thinking about my Facebook setups, as well as hit upon the service just as I was searching mine: it's a trouble with how my Account Safety and security was established. * headpalm *.

I rapidly published a service to my Posterous as well as currently I'm copying it right here for all to see (with [modifies]:

1. Go to Account Settings >> Account Task.

2. From the Account Activity section, you'll discover that the different computers and also areas that are presently accessing your FB account. [You can see this from the tab 'Additionally Energetic'. It needs to be revealing areas as well as tools that you are not aware of.]
3. End each of the sessions [on 'Additionally Energetic'] by clicking the 'End' [switch]

4. After that make certain to inspect 'Secure Surfing' (so you'll get on HTTPS, far more safe) and also 'Login Notifications' (so you'll be informed if somebody else is logging on your account.) [Simply said, checking these options will certainly make accessing your Facebook account a lot more secure.]
5. After following these actions, you ought to get this:.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Be sure to alter your passwords after. Note likewise that with these settings, you need to attest every single tool that will access your account. That turns up in a screen when you attempt to access your account via your mobile phones.

Last Thoughts.

[Upgraded June 29, 2011] I know there are still enigmas to be solved yet the culprit below truly is, well, my laziness: I ought to have examined those safety setups prior to. With all the current goings-on about hacking and such, I need to have double-checked my accounts to make sure that I could least safeguard them from invasion. I truly do not know without a doubt it this was connected with that, however a minimum of I can rest easy that I have actually done something about it.