Can You Change Your Age On Facebook

It happens with bulk of people that they create wrong Day of Birth while Sign up for Facebook as they don't intend to disclose their real age to anyone over internet.

Can You Change Your Age On Facebook

Their are several factors for doing so.Some of us accidently create the wrong Birthday day.

How To Change Age On Facebook

Facebook don't allow their customer to alter their Birthday day after Indication up.As they will certainly that the persons that are under age, can alter their Birthday celebration date to come to be grown-up on Facebook.

Yet just some of us know that you can transform your birthday day on facebook.But it is not so simple.

Simply go here, as well as submit a Facebook Birthday altering notice to Facebook. If they liked your reason for changing birthday day, after that you can transform your Birthday day for again.

So if you actually have a strong reason then, give it a try. Enjoy Guys! and don't neglect to publish your remarks.