Copy and Paste Facebook

If you think of which tool you kind one of the most on in a day, it's likely your phone, and that's fine. However in some cases inputting on a phone can be a little a pain in the keister as well as if you've typed out a long tirade of a text and want to share it with another person, typing it out around again draws.

Like on a computer system, you can just copy and also paste text on your Android phone or tablet computer. It's easy peasy and also here's how to do it!


This is generally exactly how you copy and paste in Android variations Lollipop to Pie. Some phones might have slightly various applications.

Copy And Paste Facebook

- > Locate the message you intend to duplicate and also paste. It can be from a site, a text, whatever.

- > Tap as well as hold on the message.

- > Tap and drag the emphasize handles to highlight all the message you intend to copy as well as paste.

- > Faucet Replicate in the menu that appears.

- > Tap as well as hold in the area where you would love to paste the message.

- > Tap Paste in the food selection that appears. You can additionally choose to "Paste as plain text."

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook

Exactly how to copy and also paste a web link.

If you wish to share a link with somebody, you can duplicate the link from the address bar in your browser, or replicate the link address from connected message. Here's how:

Locate the web link you wish to copy and also paste.

- > Faucet as well as hold the link.

- > Faucet Replicate link address.

- > Tap and keep in the room where you wish to paste the link.

- > Faucet Paste in the food selection that shows up.

How To Copy And Paste On Facebook

You can likewise share a link by copying its message from the address bar, like the area above.

Some phones might have a clipboard option, which allows you pick from a few of your newest copies as well as paste them once again. If that holds true, the pasting actions are the same.