Facebook App Shows Notification but None there

If you're having issues with your Facebook alerts lately, i.e. getting updates and also teams from individuals you do not know, then you're not alone-- lots of individuals started complaining concerning it given that last Sunday, June 19. Thankfully, I've found an option to it. Information after the dive.

Facebook App Shows Notification But None There

Facebook Notifications Problem

I was doing my usual early morning routine last Sunday (June 19) when I located something strange regarding my Facebook account: I'm getting notifications from people I don't understand. A lot more specifically, I'm getting 'likes' and comments from status updates as well as web links that I didn't post, as well as updates from teams I did not join.

The Solution

This obtained me to considering my Facebook settings, and hit upon the remedy just as I was browsing mine: it's a problem with how my Account Safety was established. * headpalm *.

I promptly uploaded an option to my Posterous and currently I'm replicating it right here for all to see (with [edits]:

1. Most Likely To Account Settings >> Account Activity.

2. From the Account Task section, you'll discover that the various computers and areas that are currently accessing your FB account. [You can see this from the tab 'Likewise Energetic'. It should be revealing locations and also tools that you are not aware of.]
3. End each of the sessions [on 'Additionally Energetic'] by clicking the 'End' [switch]

4. After that be sure to inspect 'Secure Browsing' (so you'll be on HTTPS, a lot more safe and secure) and also 'Login Notifications' (so you'll be informed if someone else is going to your account.) [Just claimed, examining these choices will certainly make accessing your Facebook account extra safe and secure.]
5. After following these actions, you should get this:.

Facebook Notifications Problem

Make sure to alter your passwords after. Note likewise that with these settings, you have to attest each and every gadget that will access your account. That shows up in a screen when you attempt to access your account with your mobile phones.

Final Ideas.

[Updated June 29, 2011] I understand there are still mysteries to be addressed but the perpetrator here really is, well, my negligence: I ought to have inspected those protection settings before. With all the existing goings-on regarding hacking and such, I need to have double-checked my accounts to ensure that I could the very least safeguard them from intrusion. I actually don't know for sure it this was connected keeping that, however at the very least I might relax very easy that I have actually done something about it.