Facebook Archived Messages

This is about making use of messages on Facebook on a computer system. For aid with the Messenger application, go to the Messenger Aid Center.

Archiving a conversation hides it from your inbox up until the following time you chat keeping that person. Removing a conversation completely eliminates the message background from your inbox.

Facebook Archived Messages

Archived Facebook Messages

: > Go to messenger.com.

: > Open up the conversation you wish to archive.

: > Click on top right of the conversation.

: > Click Archive.

When you do this, the conversation's history will be preserved, and you'll still have the ability to discover it later on. If the very same person sends you a brand-new message, the archived conversation will certainly re-emerge in your inbox, and the brand-new message will be contributed to it.

You can likewise delete messages, but you can't undelete them.