Facebook Can't Log In

Are you connected to the net? Haha, seriously however, are you?

Assuming you have the ideal login e-mail as well as password (as well as you're attached to the internet) there's a couple of things that could be causing your issues:

Facebook Can't Log In

Facebook Mobile Login Problems

Are you getting an error message? If so, check the Facebook help page for explanations as well as fixes to known issues.

Make sure you don't have any kind of extensions or antivirus programs running that are obstructing Facebook.

Have you attempted clearing the application's cache? Go to Settings > Applications > Facebook > Clear Cache. If this does not work you can try clearing up data too and also as a last option uninstalling and also re-installing the app entirely.

Did you sign up with your phone number? Ensure you type in the nation code also when visiting.

If the app is informing you to upgrade your email address, this is more than likely because your e-mail server is classifying your Facebook emails as spam.

If you have actually recently registered for Facebook you may require to verify your account first. If you've recently changed your password, see to it you're trying to visit with the new password and not the old one.

If you're logging in through a browser, see to it you have cookies enabled and that facebook.com is included in your checklist of safe websites.

Make certain you have one of the most recent version of the Facebook app for Android.