How to Ban someone From A Facebook Page

Over the weekend, I was asked a concern, "Jan, just how to I block so-and-so from uploading on my Facebook Web page".

Often you just have an aggressive troll or spammer that's single purpose in life is to make your life tough. Possibly you're like me and also have no resistance for spam discuss your Web page as well as just whack them right into the remove and prohibit container.

Prior to you go block crazy as well as stop specific individuals from engaging with you on your Facebook Organisation Web page, do place some thought right into it.

3P's-- Positive, Respectful, Public

When individuals complain openly-- on your Follower Page for instance, it's usually best to deal with the problem in public where they whined. By taking care of concerns nicely as well as positively in public you minimise the danger that the individual will go for it on various other systems where you can't monitor what is going on and also solve any kind of problems.

Be straightforward, when individuals whine openly there is normally a reason. You may not agree with the factor! Typically talking, you can settle issues without resorting to gagging ...

I would certainly block the adhering to without any reluctance:

* negative Nancys

* web link decline as well as runners

* persistent grammar and spelling police

* competitors not dealing with you yet attempting to swipe your target market

* abusive personal remarks

How To Ban Someone From A Facebook Page

How To Block People On Facebook Page

1. Navigate to your Facebook Company Page and click settings in the top menu.

2. Click Banned Users in the left side food selection.

3. Click the Outlawed Individuals dropdown box as well as choose "Individuals That Such as this" or "Pages Who Such as this".

4. Scroll and find the individual or Page that you want to block.

5. Click the equipment icon on the right-hand man side as well as select Get rid of.


Barring or outlawing an individual from your Facebook Page will certainly stop them from engaging with your Page. Your Web page is public so they can still see updates if they pick to seek you.

You can additionally get rid of spam comments as well as obstruct individuals at the same time by adhering to these directions:.

How To Block People On Facebook Page

Over to you ...

Have you ever before needed to block individuals on your Facebook Business Web Page? Did it stop the issue?

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