How to Change Facebook Url

You may want to alter your Facebook LINK for a variety of factors. Maybe you just rebranded and also you require to change your Facebook service web page LINK Or maybe you produced a personal Facebook a decade earlier and the LINK you chose is cringe-worthy now.

Keep in mind: In order to alter your Facebook URL, you have to alter your Facebook username. This is not a big deal as your username actually only shows up in your LINK. So they are identical.

How To Change Facebook Url

Change Facebook Url

1. Navigate to your 'Setups' menu.

2. Modification the username field to what you want your LINK to be.

3. As soon as you discover a username that is free to utilize, click 'Save.'.

4. Most likely to your Facebook profile to view your brand-new LINK.

If you're looking for more details, please watch our complete guide on just how to alter your Facebook username. This consists of visuals that make it less complicated to adhere to along.