Posting Photos On Facebook

The popular Apple apple iphone includes the Safari web browser by default so, if you have Internet connection, you don't require to download as well as mount the Facebook application to be able to publish photos to Facebook from your gadget. If you have the pictures on your iPhone, all you have to do is go to Facebook as well as post them as you would usually.

Posting Photos On Facebook

How To Post Pictures On Facebook

1. Introduce the Safari web browser and navigate to

2. Type your email and also password in the Email and also Password text boxes on top as well as click "Visit" to visit to your Facebook account.

3. Tap the "Photos" web link in the Apps area at the left to go to the Photos web page.

4. Tap "Upload Photos" at the top of the Photos page to start publishing your image.

5. Faucet "Select Photos to Upload" and also utilize the resulting file browser to choose and open your photo. The picture is instantly uploaded.

6. Tap package under the picture preview as well as define your picture, if you want. This is not compulsory.

7. Tap "Article Photos" in the bottom appropriate edge of the page to post your photo on your Facebook gallery.