Select All Friends On Facebook event

This extremely short tutorial will reveal you exactly how to invite all of your Facebook Pals to an Event that you have actually created, in one step.

Update: since Oct. 14th, the technique outlined in this tutorial does not function. I'm currently attempting to determine a new 'workaround'. If you've figured one out, please do not hesitate to leave a remark listed below. I will attribute you as the source (and also would certainly be greatly satisfied!).

There is no "choose all" choice when inviting your good friends to an Event on Facebook. Instead of clicking each name, one by one (!)-- below's exactly how you can do everything at once.

Note: this will certainly not operate in all internet browsers. I've evaluated it utilizing the most up to date steady versions of Google Chrome (OS X as well as Windows), Safari (OS X and Windows) and Firefox (OS X only)-- and also it worked. There are combined reports of this operating in Internet Explorer. Try it in whichever internet browser you occur to be making use of currently-- if it doesn't work, attempt a different web internet browser.

Select All Friends On Facebook Event

Create the event.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

On the Event Page, click the Invite Friends button.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

Vital: scroll completely to the bottom of your Buddies List till all of your pals are displayed in the home window.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

Duplicate as well as paste the code listed below into your internet browsers Address Bar, changing the Facebook URL (which probably looks something like Essential: make sure the javascript: part continues to be intact, as some web browsers will remove it after you've pasted it in. If that holds true, by hand include javascript: to the beginning of the code in the Address Bar. Struck Enter upon your keyboard.

javascript: var x= document.getElementsByTagName(" input"); for( var i= 0; i< x.length; i++) @[if (x [i] type == 'checkbox') @[x [i] click();]@]@; alert(' Done, all your buddies have been chosen');.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

Your display may 'blink' briefly and after that a pop-up window ought to appear letting you know that all of your friends have been picked. Click OK.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

Now each one of your friends will have a check-mark next to their name-- click the Save button to send the mass-invite.

How To Invite All Friends On Facebook Event

That's it! Once more, if it didn't function-- attempt a various internet browser. It's possibly faster to download and mount one more web browser than it is to independently click hundreds (or thousands) of your pals to welcome them to your occasion.