Email to Facebook

Sending an e-mail to a service partner or potential customer's Facebook web page supplies you with a different method to get to that individual. You don't also need to be a Facebook member to communicate with him. All you require is the various other individual's Facebook address and also an email program such as Gmail. The following time he inspects his Facebook page, your email will certainly turn up in his personal messages.

Email To Facebook

Facebook Help Email

Action 1: Navigate to the call's Facebook page to discover his Facebook username. The username will certainly be the last part of the LINK displayed in your browser's address bar. As an example, if you see, the username is "john.smith" and also is additionally made use of in the call's Facebook e-mail address. In this instance, John Smith's e-mail address will certainly be "".

Step 2: Log in to your Gmail account as well as click the "Make up" switch to begin a new message.

Action 3: Enter the contact's Facebook e-mail address in the "To" field. Fill in the "Topic" line as well as compose your message in the main location.

Step 4: Click the "Send out" button when you are done.